Registration of INS Members on INS Web-Site

      Indian Nuclear Society is now registering all its existing Life members on its new website and updating their contact details and other relevant information. This database will facilitate election of the next Executive Committee of INS using secure digital ballot based process.

      Subsequently, the website will serve as a platform for implementing the features which fulfill the core objectives of INS and for realising the desire of founders, trustees, members and all stake holders of INS for information exchange on Nuclear Energy and allied areas.

      The INS Membership database presently does not have the latest contact details of many members. The web-based registration process enables INS to consolidate and maintain an updated database with a unique mobile number and an email address of each member. During the Member Verification process, members should fill-in all available details. Other details, including a photo, may be added and the profile kept updated subsequently through Member Login. This ensures that INS can keep the members well informed and enables members to participate in all activities of INS using website features.

      Members may also convey their comments and queries using Feedback feature on the website. All INS members may please note that registration done by some of them on previous website is not valid now as that database with earlier user Ids and passwords is not available.

      Election of INS Executive committee is likely to be taken up in July, 2019. Hence all INS members are requested to visit the new INS website and register before 30th June 2019.

Issued by: Umesh Chandra,
      INS Executive Committee

Attached: Message from five former Chairmen, AEC and Secretary, DAE in this regard