Procedures for member’s profile updating and profile verification

  • On clicking ‘Member verification’ a User Verification Page is displayed. Member has to enter his/her ‘Last Name’, Date of birth and INS Membership number. Also the current mobile number and current email address are to be entered.
  • Then on clicking Verify, Member’s record in membership database is checked. If record is found, an OTP is sent on the mobile and email address given.
  • On receiving back correct OTP, the system asks member to register with a ‘User name’ and ‘Password’ of his/ her choice.
  • The member is now registered and his/her current data in the database is shown.
  • Member is requested to update/ load his/ her data in all fields with green border and provide his/ her current photo.
  • Members are requested to provide their name in full and not only initials with surname for INS record.
  • Verification of member’s record uses original Membership number. If a Member forgets it, System will locate member’s record with other entries and display it after receiving OTP for verification and updation.
  • Data entered by Member may be verified by INS with paper records maintained in INS Office before its use.
  • A registered member can log-in by entering his/her ‘User Name’ and ‘password’ after clicking ‘Member Login’.
  • After Login, the Home Page for registered INS Members is displayed. Member’s name is displayed on top right.
  • Registered Members can view information regarding election process and other on-going activities of INS using designated buttons on Home page.
  • By clicking on his/ her name, the member can view his/ her profile data, make changes and save it to keep it up-to-date.
  • Member can logout using Logout button on top right.
  • For regenerating ‘User name’ / ‘Password’ the Forgot password button may be used to get an OTP on registered mobile / email and procedure followed.

Procedures for Feedback / Query

  • A viewer of INS website may upload a feedback or query after providing his/ her name and email address.
  • A registered INS member can also provide his/her feedback after Member Login
  • If ‘Member Verification’ process fails for some reason, a feedback to Data Manager is generated.Response for all feedbacks is sent to the members by INS Data Manager.
  • Query / feedback can also be sent by email to ‘’.