mr Vinay kumar Soni (17/05/2019)

1 . when will be INS Award declared.

INS Reply (Date: 18/05/2019)

After election of INS EC, normal INS activities will be resumed. Please use LM-8681 as your membership number

mr Prem Shankardutt Nautiyal (15/05/2019)

2 . Good Online Initiative.

INS Reply (Date: 15/05/2019)

Thanks Please fill your affiliations also.

mr M.S. Singh Gupta (12/05/2019)

3 . All okay except confirmation from you that the registration is done.

INS Reply (Date: )

Dear Gupta, After registration if you click on Home button, you go to Home page of registered members. There you will find your name on top right. This page can be viewed only by INS members after login and will have all information including for INS election process and more. I request for ideas for implementing this page. If you click on your name on this page you can modify your profile details. I request all INS members to help me in spreading the message that all INS members have to register in the current process as earlier registration is not valid. INS elections can be held only after majority of members register. With best regards, INS Data Manager

Gaurav Dubey (10/05/2019)

4 . I forgotten by Membership No. and also unable to process verification. Gaurav Dubey NPCIL HQ Mumbai

INS Reply (Date: )

Please fill Dubey as your last name. Membership no. is: LM-10290 Membership no. is not essential if Last name and DOB are OK.

other Kailash Pati Ojha (09/05/2019)

5 . I have completed the form. Filled all fields. But I didnot get any msg to confirm that it is complete., Kindly confirm. K.P.Ojha LM 0659

INS Reply (Date: )

Sir, you are registered. If you login now you will see your name on the screen. If you click on the name you can see your profile and modify it if desired. Umesh Chandra