ms Nalini Singh Patel (31/05/2019)

1 . Dear sir, In the profile section what is the provision for entering profile as resigned status. One of my friend wants to register but has resigned from BARC. In the profile column their are only four options as working, retired, honorary and student. Does working means working anywhere, then its okay.

INS Reply (Date: 31/05/2019)

INS has members from DAE as well as from other Organisations. Hence 'Working' means working anywhere is relevant. Participation of your friend is welcome.

mr Santanu Pahari (30/05/2019)

2 . Password confirmation step should be there

INS Reply (Date: 31/05/2019)

Good suggestion. We will implement it. INS Data Manager

mr Gyan Prakash Srivastava (29/05/2019)

3 . election process should be elaborated and put on web .

INS Reply (Date: 29/05/2019)

We will put it shortly in consultation with Election Officer. INS Data Manager

Sandeep M Deshpande (24/05/2019)

4 . Can you provide me with my membership number. I am not remembering.

INS Reply (Date: 24/05/2019)

Please note that entry of Membership number during verification is not essential. If you leave it blank, system will find your record using other data. Your Membership no. is LM-4958 Please register and encourage other members to do the same at the earliest. INS Data Manager

Sudhakar Dayal (19/05/2019)

5 . The Society may publish the plant of activities to be conducted in the coming next three months. Also a synopsis of the activities of the last three months, on this website itself.

INS Reply (Date: 19/05/2019)

Dear Dayal, The earlier website is not operational and the information content is not available. The plan of activities will be restored and your wish as per your email on NPCIL retirees account can be fulfilled only after a new Executive Committee is elected. Please help me in conveying this message to all INS members and ask them to register for online election at the earliest. Regards, Umesh Chandra, presently INS Data Manager