mr Parag B. Walinjkar (11/06/2019)

1 . Nice and easy interface. Good Work.

INS Reply (Date: 12/06/2019)


mr P. J. Jose (11/06/2019)

2 . I submitted my details, but I am not getting a confirmation message..

INS Reply (Date: 11/06/2019)

Dear Jose, You are registered. Please login. You will see you name on top right of registered member's screen. You will see progress of various activities e.g. election. INS Data Manager

mr Shyamal Kanti Sarkar (10/06/2019)

3 . Good initiative to transport to online system.

INS Reply (Date: 11/06/2019)

Thanks for your feedback.

Ghosh SK (10/06/2019)

4 . Could verify my account and also uploaded a photo . It worked without problem. I have one suggestion, the font may please be made larger. Best wishes.

INS Reply (Date: 11/06/2019)

Thanks. We will implement your suggestion


5 . I was transferred from BARC Mumbai to IREL(I) Ltd OSCOM Odisha from Oct 2016. I am not getting the INS quarterly magazine from 2016 onwards. Please send the magazine my office address. ADDRESS: HEALTH PHYSICS UNIT BARC IREL(I) Ltd OSCOM Matikhalo Chatrapur 761045 Odisha

INS Reply (Date: 07/06/2019)

Kindly note that the earlier INS web-portal and all associated data is now not available. A new web-site and development agency have been engaged. The current INS membership registration process will initially be used for election of the next Executive Committee of INS using online ballot process. Subsequently the original activities of INS and news letter etc. will be arranged by the new INS EC. Henceforth Members can keep their contact details up-to-date themselves to receive all communications from INS.