mr G.N. Hegde (14/06/2019)

1 . Dear Sir/Madam, I have updated my profile. But please confirm weather the LM number has been changed. Also I am interested to receive the INS magazine, which I was missing for last few years. Regards.

INS Reply (Date: 15/06/2019)

The Membership number shown in your profile is the original number allotted on becoming INS Member. Interim Membership no. was allotted a few years ago but it is not in use now. The original activities of INS and news letter etc. will be arranged by the next INS EC.

mr Vijay Kumar Dixit (13/06/2019)

2 . Good initiative

INS Reply (Date: 13/06/2019)


mr Dipak Kumar Barua (12/06/2019)

3 . After taking Life Membership way back in 1990s while I was in Kakrapar Atomic Power Station I used to get regular communications/ booklets from INS but after shifting to our Rajasthan Site communication got disconnected which continued even-after shifting to Mumbai-HQ in 2006 and finally after going through today's notice in NPCIL e-Notice Board I have updated my contact details. Hopefully regular communications from INS with me will revive shortly so that I can update about various INS activities and contribute accordingly.

INS Reply (Date: 13/06/2019)

Election of INS Executive Committee will be taken up shortly. Activities of INS like regular News Letter will be resumed by the new INS EC.

Shri K.K. Gothi (11/06/2019)

4 . How to upload personal photo ?

INS Reply (Date: 12/06/2019)

To upload photo, click on Browse button. The folders on your device (computer/ mobile), which contain photos, will be shown. Select your photo and click Open. Your photo will be shown on profile page. Membership Number is for regular use. Interim no. is only for old reference.

Parag Walinjkar (11/06/2019)

5 . On feedback page when I clicked HOME takes me to login page rather than home page.

INS Reply (Date: 12/06/2019)

We shall correct it. INS Data Manager