dr Kausik Nandi (25/07/2019)

1 . Congratulations for the new user friendly web site of the society.

INS Reply (Date: 28/07/2019)


mr V.Srinivasa Prasad Rao (24/06/2019)

2 . Its always post the mail in this profiel than in mail id, than posting in mail ids...I heartly congratulate INS for make this initiative and would eager to accept any role to uplift the modernisation of INS

INS Reply (Date: 24/06/2019)

Thanks Shri Rao

dr Ghanshyam Chourasiya (23/06/2019)

3 . Simple and user friendly...

INS Reply (Date: 23/06/2019)

Thanks for feedback on uploading member's photo

mr Harish Chander Mehta (21/06/2019)

4 . Can the upcoming events or latest activities of INS be Posted on this new looking website till a final decision is taken on the contents to be displayed.

INS Reply (Date: 24/06/2019)

Executive Committee will consider your suggestion and implement. Thanks for feedback.

mr ANTHONY FRANCIS DSa (15/06/2019)

5 . Must thank the committee of INS for getting this new profile verified and incorporation of digital ballots. There seems to be a lot of improvement in the new web pages which will help in better communication and availability of information. There was only one problem in using the URL in your email, I think by underlining the same the IPadd. for the URL could not be obtained by the DNS. Without the underlining it is able to locate the server. this will help many. Wishing the INS a bright future with many stalwarts on the committee which I am sure will benefit the fraternity. Anthony F D'Sa - ex ECIL DGM

INS Reply (Date: 16/06/2019)

Thanks for your valuable feedback. INS Data Manager