mr Avinash Kumar Mudaiya (22/04/2019)

1 . Good initiative

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mr Anant Kumar Tiwari (22/04/2019)

2 . I'm not getting any updates or journals in hard or soft format since April 2015 when I got transferred to RAPP-7&8, Rawatbhata Rajasthan Site NPCIL. Kindly see if the INS Newsletter and other publications can be sent in soft form to email address or hard copy at office address Anant Kumar Tiwari, SO/E, HPU (O&M), RAPP-7&8, PO.Anushakti, Rawatbhata District Chittorgarh PIN 233303

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Now kindly keep your contact details up-to-date. Technical activities will commence after election of a new EC of INS.