mr I. Narasimha Rao (29/08/2019)

1 . I am not receiving INS magazines.Kindly tell me how to get INS magazines ?

INS Reply (Date: 29/08/2019)

Election of INS Executive Committee will be taken up shortly. Activities of INS like regular News Letter will be resumed by the new INS EC.

Ramachandran (14/08/2019)

2 . Interested personnel (scientists and engineers of DAE) shall be allowed to join and become members of INS and the process shall be simple and online.

INS Reply (Date: 18/08/2019)

Registration of new members of INS will commence after the new Executive Committee is elected. Web interface for this purpose is under development. Kindly wait for announcement. Thanks, INS Data Manager

mr Sanjay Kumar Saxena (07/08/2019)

3 . The web based member profile updation portal is very user friendly and effective. I congratulate INS Management for providing such a valuable platform for strengthening e-services. - Sanjay Kumar Saxena,RPhD,BARC

INS Reply (Date: 07/08/2019)


mr Hrushikesh Patro (06/08/2019)

4 . Nice to have a database of INS

INS Reply (Date: 06/08/2019)



5 . When the world is moving towards a paperless system, INS should give the option of joining as a member, in a simple web-based manner, with online payment option, either with a direct link or NEFT based payment.

INS Reply (Date: 29/07/2019)

The web-based membership database is a step towards that goal. Your suggestion will be implemented after election of INS EC. Thanks