mr I. Narasimha Rao (29/08/2019)

1 . I am not receiving INS magazines.Kindly tell me how to get INS magazines ?

INS Reply (Date: 29/08/2019)

Election of INS Executive Committee will be taken up shortly. Activities of INS like regular News Letter will be resumed by the new INS EC.

Ramachandran (14/08/2019)

2 . Interested personnel (scientists and engineers of DAE) shall be allowed to join and become members of INS and the process shall be simple and online.

INS Reply (Date: 18/08/2019)

Registration of new members of INS will commence after the new Executive Committee is elected. Web interface for this purpose is under development. Kindly wait for announcement. Thanks, INS Data Manager

mr Sanjay Kumar Saxena (07/08/2019)

3 . The web based member profile updation portal is very user friendly and effective. I congratulate INS Management for providing such a valuable platform for strengthening e-services. - Sanjay Kumar Saxena,RPhD,BARC

INS Reply (Date: 07/08/2019)


mr Hrushikesh Patro (06/08/2019)

4 . Nice to have a database of INS

INS Reply (Date: 06/08/2019)



5 . When the world is moving towards a paperless system, INS should give the option of joining as a member, in a simple web-based manner, with online payment option, either with a direct link or NEFT based payment.

INS Reply (Date: 29/07/2019)

The web-based membership database is a step towards that goal. Your suggestion will be implemented after election of INS EC. Thanks

dr Kausik Nandi (25/07/2019)

6 . Congratulations for the new user friendly web site of the society.

INS Reply (Date: 28/07/2019)


mr V.Srinivasa Prasad Rao (24/06/2019)

7 . Its always post the mail in this profiel than in mail id, than posting in mail ids...I heartly congratulate INS for make this initiative and would eager to accept any role to uplift the modernisation of INS

INS Reply (Date: 24/06/2019)

Thanks Shri Rao

dr Ghanshyam Chourasiya (23/06/2019)

8 . Simple and user friendly...

INS Reply (Date: 23/06/2019)

Thanks for feedback on uploading member's photo

mr Harish Chander Mehta (21/06/2019)

9 . Can the upcoming events or latest activities of INS be Posted on this new looking website till a final decision is taken on the contents to be displayed.

INS Reply (Date: 24/06/2019)

Executive Committee will consider your suggestion and implement. Thanks for feedback.

mr ANTHONY FRANCIS DSa (15/06/2019)

10 . Must thank the committee of INS for getting this new profile verified and incorporation of digital ballots. There seems to be a lot of improvement in the new web pages which will help in better communication and availability of information. There was only one problem in using the URL in your email, I think by underlining the same the IPadd. for the URL could not be obtained by the DNS. Without the underlining it is able to locate the server. this will help many. Wishing the INS a bright future with many stalwarts on the committee which I am sure will benefit the fraternity. Anthony F D'Sa - ex ECIL DGM

INS Reply (Date: 16/06/2019)

Thanks for your valuable feedback. INS Data Manager

mr G.N. Hegde (14/06/2019)

11 . Dear Sir/Madam, I have updated my profile. But please confirm weather the LM number has been changed. Also I am interested to receive the INS magazine, which I was missing for last few years. Regards.

INS Reply (Date: 15/06/2019)

The Membership number shown in your profile is the original number allotted on becoming INS Member. Interim Membership no. was allotted a few years ago but it is not in use now. The original activities of INS and news letter etc. will be arranged by the next INS EC.

mr Vijay Kumar Dixit (13/06/2019)

12 . Good initiative

INS Reply (Date: 13/06/2019)


mr Dipak Kumar Barua (12/06/2019)

13 . After taking Life Membership way back in 1990s while I was in Kakrapar Atomic Power Station I used to get regular communications/ booklets from INS but after shifting to our Rajasthan Site communication got disconnected which continued even-after shifting to Mumbai-HQ in 2006 and finally after going through today's notice in NPCIL e-Notice Board I have updated my contact details. Hopefully regular communications from INS with me will revive shortly so that I can update about various INS activities and contribute accordingly.

INS Reply (Date: 13/06/2019)

Election of INS Executive Committee will be taken up shortly. Activities of INS like regular News Letter will be resumed by the new INS EC.

Shri K.K. Gothi (11/06/2019)

14 . How to upload personal photo ?

INS Reply (Date: 12/06/2019)

To upload photo, click on Browse button. The folders on your device (computer/ mobile), which contain photos, will be shown. Select your photo and click Open. Your photo will be shown on profile page. Membership Number is for regular use. Interim no. is only for old reference.

Parag Walinjkar (11/06/2019)

15 . On feedback page when I clicked HOME takes me to login page rather than home page.

INS Reply (Date: 12/06/2019)

We shall correct it. INS Data Manager

mr Parag B. Walinjkar (11/06/2019)

16 . Nice and easy interface. Good Work.

INS Reply (Date: 12/06/2019)


mr P. J. Jose (11/06/2019)

17 . I submitted my details, but I am not getting a confirmation message..

INS Reply (Date: 11/06/2019)

Dear Jose, You are registered. Please login. You will see you name on top right of registered member's screen. You will see progress of various activities e.g. election. INS Data Manager

mr Shyamal Kanti Sarkar (10/06/2019)

18 . Good initiative to transport to online system.

INS Reply (Date: 11/06/2019)

Thanks for your feedback.

Ghosh SK (10/06/2019)

19 . Could verify my account and also uploaded a photo . It worked without problem. I have one suggestion, the font may please be made larger. Best wishes.

INS Reply (Date: 11/06/2019)

Thanks. We will implement your suggestion


20 . I was transferred from BARC Mumbai to IREL(I) Ltd OSCOM Odisha from Oct 2016. I am not getting the INS quarterly magazine from 2016 onwards. Please send the magazine my office address. ADDRESS: HEALTH PHYSICS UNIT BARC IREL(I) Ltd OSCOM Matikhalo Chatrapur 761045 Odisha

INS Reply (Date: 07/06/2019)

Kindly note that the earlier INS web-portal and all associated data is now not available. A new web-site and development agency have been engaged. The current INS membership registration process will initially be used for election of the next Executive Committee of INS using online ballot process. Subsequently the original activities of INS and news letter etc. will be arranged by the new INS EC. Henceforth Members can keep their contact details up-to-date themselves to receive all communications from INS.

dr Anand Chaturvedi (06/06/2019)

21 . Very good effort.

INS Reply (Date: 06/06/2019)


mr Rajendra Kumar Saxena (06/06/2019)

22 . I am not getting the INS quarterly magazine from 2015 onwards. Please send the old and new ones at my residential address 9 - E Udayagiri Anushaktinagar Mumbai 400094

INS Reply (Date: 06/06/2019)

The present INS membership database updating process aims at registering all INS members with their User Id on INS portal for all future activities. This will initially be used for election of next Executive Committee of INS using online ballot process. Subsequently the original activities of INS and news letter etc. will be arranged by the new INS EC. Hence kindly encourage all INS members to verify their details on INS portal immediately. INS Data Manager

mr Mohanlal Haraba Meshram (01/06/2019)

23 . Dear Sir, I am proud to became a Member of Indian Nuclear Society You are requested to Please Release A Professional Quality Certificate to all the registered members, so that they can display Membership certificate at their offices / working place. Regards, Mohanlal Haraba Meshram IntPE(India), Chartered Engineer (India)

INS Reply (Date: 02/06/2019)

Thanks for your feedback. INS will respond positively. INS Data Manager

mr Yarra Sri Hari Rao (01/06/2019)

24 . Efforts of INS in updating members details electronically is appreciated.

INS Reply (Date: 02/06/2019)

Thanks Sir INS Data Manager

mr V.S.N Murthy (01/06/2019)

25 . Good Initiative to update members information online.

INS Reply (Date: 02/06/2019)

Thanks Sir INS Data Manager

ms Nalini Singh Patel (31/05/2019)

26 . Dear sir, In the profile section what is the provision for entering profile as resigned status. One of my friend wants to register but has resigned from BARC. In the profile column their are only four options as working, retired, honorary and student. Does working means working anywhere, then its okay.

INS Reply (Date: 31/05/2019)

INS has members from DAE as well as from other Organisations. Hence 'Working' means working anywhere is relevant. Participation of your friend is welcome.

mr Santanu Pahari (30/05/2019)

27 . Password confirmation step should be there

INS Reply (Date: 31/05/2019)

Good suggestion. We will implement it. INS Data Manager

mr Gyan Prakash Srivastava (29/05/2019)

28 . election process should be elaborated and put on web .

INS Reply (Date: 29/05/2019)

We will put it shortly in consultation with Election Officer. INS Data Manager

Sandeep M Deshpande (24/05/2019)

29 . Can you provide me with my membership number. I am not remembering.

INS Reply (Date: 24/05/2019)

Please note that entry of Membership number during verification is not essential. If you leave it blank, system will find your record using other data. Your Membership no. is LM-4958 Please register and encourage other members to do the same at the earliest. INS Data Manager

Sudhakar Dayal (19/05/2019)

30 . The Society may publish the plant of activities to be conducted in the coming next three months. Also a synopsis of the activities of the last three months, on this website itself.

INS Reply (Date: 19/05/2019)

Dear Dayal, The earlier website is not operational and the information content is not available. The plan of activities will be restored and your wish as per your email on NPCIL retirees account can be fulfilled only after a new Executive Committee is elected. Please help me in conveying this message to all INS members and ask them to register for online election at the earliest. Regards, Umesh Chandra, presently INS Data Manager